GRIZZLI Printing


Letterpress printing

Grizzli has four Heildelberg presses for handcrafted printing.
These presses basically love beautiful paper and beautiful intense inks.
The printing company loves creamy, mineral and vegetable inks, endlessly colored. They will be pressed with love by the Heildelberg machines.
This ancient process also allows debossing, embossing, cutting, creasing, etc.
Grizzli also likes digital prints in finesse and quality.
The studio loves beautiful paper. Soft, textured, smooth, cotton or linen, recycled and natural. The brands used are Gmund, Fedrigoni, Antalis and Inapa.

Creative workshop

Grizzli is also a graphic design studio that enjoys listening to and telling new stories with you.
Support you to reveal or develop your image, your products or your business, towards meaningful communication and a taste for aesthetics.
The areas of expertise can be varied such as visual identities, brochures, logos, publishing but also the creation of packaging, labels, boxes.
Grizzli can activate its talent network, to better respond to your projects (illustrators, photographers, editors, etc.)

How about we take a creative journey together?

Our achievements

Some of our achievements…